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Resources: Diversity & Inclusivity Themes

Each link connects to its respective article, video, lesson plan, activity, or other resource on Valour Canada’s website. Note that some content may appear in multiple categories on this page (e.g., The Oka Crisis will appear in both the “First Nations” and the “Political” sections).

LP/A = a lesson plan or activity is paired with this resource            Video = a short documentary or vignette resource

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Asian Canadians

Louie Brothers (LP/A)               Peggy Lee (LP/A)             Masumi Mitsui              Iwakichi Kojima              Japanese Canadian War Memorial (student video)              Chinese Labour Corps, FWW (video – LP/A)


Black Canadians

Welsford Daniels              Richard Pierpoint              William Hall              No. 2 Construction Battalion               Honour Before Glory (video – LP/A)              James Franklin              Lancelot Bertrand              Hugh Gaskin              William White              Samuel Watts


First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Canadians

Albert Mountain Horse (LP/A); 2 (video)             Anderson on D-Day (LP/A)             Joseph Keeper (LP/A)             Tommy Prince (LP/A)              Mike Foxhead              Battle of Cut Knife Hill (1885)              Mike Mountain Horse              John Shiwak 1, 2 (video A – LP/A), 3 (video B – LP/A)             Tecumseh 1, 2 (student video)              Henry Norwest 1, 2              The Oka Crisis              Longest Confirmed Snipe              Louis Riel              National Aboriginal Veterans Monument (student video)              Joe Poucette              Tom Settee              Alex Decoteau              Road to Vimy: First Nations section              Road to Vimy: Andy section



Internment of German Canadians in WW1              Internment Camps in Canada during the FWW (video) (LP/A)              Banff Internment Camp VIRTUAL TOUR              Japanese Canadian Internment, SWW (video) (LP/A)



Michelle Douglas


Political Events

FLQ Crisis (LP/A)              Cuban Missile Crisis (LP/A)              McGee Assassination              The Oka Crisis



Adelaide Sinclair (LP/A)             Molly Bobak (LP/A)             Isabel McDonald (LP/A)              Matron Fraser (LP/A), 2 (video – LP/A)              Peggy Lee (LP/A)              Nichola Goddard 1, 2 (video A – LP/A), 3 (video B – LP/A)              Women of the Bombes (LP/A)              Rosella Henry              Bluebirds              Winnie Roach-Leuszler              Isabel McDonald              Sandra Perron              Karen Hermiston              Black Christmas and Kay Christie              Cynthia Oakley              Nursing Sister Lowe              1989: CAF Integrates Women              HMHS Llandovery Castle & Nursing Sister Dussault              Girl Guides’ Canadian Women of Valour Program (LP/A)              C.W.A.A.F.              Nursing Sisters in Sicily (1943)              Laura Secord              Michelle Douglas              C.W.A.C., Calgary (video – LP/A)              Road to Vimy: Canadian Women in War section



Fenian Raids (LP/A)             Canadians in the Spanish Civil War              Mennonite Conscientious Objectors, SWW (video – LP/A)              Training Polish Soldiers in Canada, FWW (video – LP/A)             Remembering the Holocaust – Jewish Cemetery, Victoria, BC (video – LP/A)

Masumi Mitsui
William White
Edith Anderson (Andy)
Michelle Douglas
FLQ Crisis
Rosella Henry
Canadians in the Spanish Civil War

The design of Valour Canada’s educational content is guided primarily by two learning theories:

Six Historical Thinking Concepts (Seixas and Colyer) and Bloom’s Taxonomy (Revised in 2001: Anderson and Krathwol)

Credit: University of Waterloo (Bloom’s Taxonomy), the Historical Thinking Project.