At-home Learning: Weekly Resources

Resources for the Week of March 30 – April 3, 2020

This week’s selection for at-home learning include: Photo Analysis: Canadian Women at War (Part 1), Major Talbot Papineau, and Matron Fraser.

Women in War (Pt.1): Pictures (45+ min.; Adaptable for Gr. 6 and up)
Click to download the “Women in War: Introduction”
Images of Women in War will be analyzed. This visual information will help the student formulate a character for their letter.
Click to download: 1. Teacher’s “Pictures” PDF    2. Student “Pictures” PDF   3. “10 Photos” PDF


Major Talbot Papineau  (60+ min.; Adaptable for Gr. 10 and up)
This lesson explores Major Talbot Papineau, a French-Canadian Major during the First World War. Valour Canada’s Forgotten Fallen video will be watched, questions about Talbot’s life and military service will follow, and the activity will close with a R.A.F.T assignment.
Click to download the “Papineau” PDF.


Matron Margaret Fraser (45+ min.; All ages)
We provide a short article that describes the life of Matron Fraser and a set of questions follows the reading.
Click to download the “Matron Fraser” questions (PDF).

Propaganda poster: I’m Making Bombs And Buying Bonds! (Credit: Canadian War Museum 19920196-077).

Resources for the Week of March 23 – 27, 2020

Our introductory activity for at-home learning is: Write a letter or message to the Troops (via the Government of Canada)

Write to the Troops  (Adaptable for all ages)

In this activity students will write a letter or short message and send it to a currently serving Canadian soldier. Students will practice and further develop their writing skills while boosting the morale of a soldier who is currently away from their family and loved ones. (This activity can take as little as 10 minutes, the length being dependent upon the writing ability of the writer).
Click to visit the Government of Canada’s (GoC) “Write to the Troops” page and follow the directions.

Note that there are two writing options to choose from:
(1) a short message (1,500 character max.) posted onto the GoC webpage, or
(2) a longer letter using the postal system (see GoC’s directions).

Canadian soldiers at Vimy Ridge in May 1917 (Credit: LAC M#3521926).

This webpage has been designed to assist parents, caregivers, and guardians, in their efforts to educate their children during Covid-19 social distancing.

Design of the downloadable activities available on this page are guided primarily by two learning theories:

Bloom’s Taxonomy (Revised in 2001: Anderson and Krathwol) and Six Historical Thinking Concepts (Seixas and Colyer)

– see this University of Waterloo page (Bloom’s Taxonomy) and the Historical Thinking Project’s page for more information.