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Star Trek’s “Scotty” on D-Day

Nowadays when many of us hear the name Montgomery Scott, in the back of our minds we hear his pleading for understanding from […]

D-Day: General Crerar

Shortly after supper on the evening of June 1, 1944, the final official meeting discussing D-Day preparations took place. The meeting, hosted by […]

D-Day: Bill Wilson

Every June we experience the anniversary of one of the most historic days in modern memory, D-day, and it’s important for us to […]

D-Day: 1st CDN Parachute BN’s McLeod

Just after midnight, the day before what is commonly referred to as the greatest military action in modern history, Operation Overlord, a group […]

Recalling D-Day: Charles Dalton

At 0800 hours on June 6th, 1944, the brave Canadian soldiers of the 7th Infantry Brigade first stepped onto the sands of Juno […]

D-Day: Nan White Beach

For Toronto’s Queen’s Own Rifles, D-Day began at 03:15 when they were served breakfast in England. For many of the soldiers the simple […]

D-Day: 1st CDN Para BN’s Anderson

On June 5, 1944, shortly before midnight, nineteen-year-old Raymond Anderson landed in France. A member of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, Anderson had […]

Canada on D-Day: Operation Overlord

Educators: Click HERE for a Lesson Plan that explores D-Day. Click HERE for a different Lesson Plan that explores D-Day. 2014 marked the […]

D-Day Series: RCN and Operation Neptune

Educators: Click here for a Lesson Plan that explores the RCN on D-Day: Operation NEPTUNE. Click HERE for a Lesson Plan that explores […]

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