Corporate Lunch & Learns

Is your company or organization interested in Canada’s military history? Are you curious about how Valour Canada educates youth? Would you like Valour Canada to attend your office and make an educational and inspiring presentation about both of the aforementioned items?

If yes, please email us or call (403) 685-2660 so that we can coordinate an appropriate time, date, and location, for Valour Canada to make a presentation to your team.

Venue requirements:  A room appropriate for the audience size, with a digital projector and sound system.

Max. audience size:  100

Cost:  Free. Donations are warmly appreciated.

2022 Oxford Lunch & Learn Signage.
Corporate Lunch & Learn in November 2022.
C3 Gas Mask. Time Period: Korean War.
An Emergency Ration. Time Period: 1950s-60s.
Military Police Beret and Lapel Pins. Time Period: 1960s-70s.
A naval shell fuse. Time period: WW2 - early Cold War.