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King’s Own Calgary Regiment

King’s Own Calgary Regiment

The King’s Own Calgary Regiment did not always have this name. This Calgary-based armoured unit has a long history.

The King’s Own Calgary Regiment has origins tracing back to the establishment of the 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles). The regiment was formed on April 10th, 1910. They were an active militia during the First World War and later they were split into different battalions, such as the 50th, 89th and 137th.

The roots of the KOCR’s saw victory at Vimy Ridge when Pte. J.G. Pattison received the Victoria Cross as a member of 50th Battalion; it was one of the battalions that resulted because of the split of the 103rd. Pte. Pattison was awarded the VC for his bravery in battle. On April 10th, 1917 he hopped from shell hole to shell hole until he was close enough to throw hand grenades into an enemy stronghold.

Pattison was able to subdue the 5 German soldiers that survived his barrage, unfortunately he was killed in action almost two months after the battle at Vimy.

During the latter part of WWI and the interwar years, the KOCR’s went through numerous role and name changes. In WWII they were known as the 14th Army Tank Regiment; they were the first Canadian group to go into the disastrous Dieppe raid, also known as Operation Jubilee on the 19th of August 1942. Their armoured machines were the first Canadian tanks to engage the enemy in combat.

In 1946, King George VI named them The King’s Own; in 1958 they were named for the last time The King’s Own Calgary Regiment.

Today it is a reserved armoured unit that operates out of the historic Mewata Armouries in Calgary, Alberta. The KOCR’s received two new TAPV’s or Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles in April of this year.


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Photo (main): The King’s Own Calgary Regiment Camp Flag (Credit: DHH

Photo (inset 1): John George Pattison (Credit: Canada. Dept. of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/).

Photo (inset 2): The King’s Own Calgary Regiment Guidon (Credit: DHH

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