The Road to Vimy Ridge website

The Road to Vimy Ridge website

The Road to Vimy Ridge, our most recent web creation, is in commemoration of our country’s experience a century ago at Vimy Ridge, April 1917. With new modules being released monthly and contests available to Canadian youth, the project is designed to take high school students, cadets, scouts, or any interested members of the public, on an exploration of Canada’s World War I military history that includes:


•The causes and aftermath of the First World War, one of the most lethal wars in history.
•Canadian engagements during the First World War, culminating in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
•Interesting personalities and technological advancements that played key roles in Canada’s First World War experience.
•How Canadian participation in the First World War has crafted and shaped ideas of nationhood that we, as Canadians, experience today.




Mother and Vimy, named after the place of its birth (LAC M#3395275).

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Our Intention is to educate Canadian Citizens so that they:

  • Appreciate the role of our military heritage in protecting Canadian interests, values and beliefs.
  • Understand the role our military history has had in shaping our country and the world.
  • Are inspired to be engaged and well-informed participatory citizens of Canada.
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