The History of the Memorial Cup

The History of the Memorial Cup

“Everyone wants that big cup” – Dylan Strome, Captain of the 2016-17 runner-up Erie Otters.

In 2018 the Memorial Cup will pass through its 100th year. The award, given to the top Canadian Major Junior hockey team, has come a long way from its inception as the Ontario Hockey Association Memorial Cup in 1919, an award that was instituted in memory of the many Canadian First World War soldiers that died fighting.

Ice hockey’s early beginnings are very much a part of the military culture in Canada and it continues to be. Groups of soldiers have faced-off against each other over the years in matches that are too numerous to count. Even recently in Afghanistan there have been hockey games, although the players wore shoes rather than skates.

New traditions are developing as well. The Dominion Command Poppy Trust Fund, an organization that provides support to veterans and their dependants, has received the auction proceeds from the host teams’ commemorative jerseys for the past 10 years running.

To watch a 3 minute video describing the history of the Memorial Cup and its Canadian military links, please visit The Mastercard Memorial Cup site HERE   


Photos: The Memorial Cup and the 2018 Mastercard Memorial Cup logo (Credit: Courtesy of

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