Valour Canada Battlefield Tour

Valour Canada Battlefield Tour

This fall in France and Belgium, and hopefully next fall in Italy, Valour Canada will be hosting an exclusive 7-day VIP Battlefield Tour of major WWI and WWII battlefield sites with your own Valour Canada-selected private historian.

France and Belgium Tour dates are from October 14 to 20, 2018.

A thorough itinerary is attached, subject to potential changes as outlined below.

The tour, starting and ending in Paris, will include transportation in a private luxury van, local accommodation, welcome gifts, complimentary in-transit meals with beverages, and an exclusive guided experience at each battlefield site by your own private historian. In addition, we are offering the opportunity to customize parts of the tour to visit or spend more time at sites that may of be particular interest to you or your guests.


              Day 1 – Ypres, Belgium
              Day 2 – Somme, France
              Day 3 – Vimy, France
              Day 4 – Dieppe, France
              Day 5 – Normandy, France
              Day 6 – Normandy, France


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Our Intention is to educate Canadian Citizens so that they:

  • Appreciate the role of our military heritage in protecting Canadian interests, values and beliefs.
  • Understand the role our military history has had in shaping our country and the world.
  • Are inspired to be engaged and well-informed participatory citizens of Canada.
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