Announcing a new partnership with Royal Roads University

Announcing a new partnership with Royal Roads University

Valour Canada and Royal Roads University are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership to work together on a number of Canadian military history projects. Both organizations share an interest in educating Canadians about their history and heritage through online education, documentaries and public events. In particular, we look forward to working with Royal Roads University as we approach the centenary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. 

Much like Valour Canada's Monumental Canadians documentary series, Royal Roads University has also embarked upon a similar venture as part of their War Heritage Research Initiative. Furthermore, Royal Roads University is based in Victoria, BC, making it a perfect match for Valour Canada's goal of becoming more nationally involved. 

Check back for more details about our joint projects in the coming months!

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Our Intention is to educate Canadian Citizens so that they:

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  • Understand the role our military history has had in shaping our country and the world.
  • Are inspired to be engaged and well-informed participatory citizens of Canada.
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