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 Online Education: Vimy Ridge

The Road to Vimy Ridge, our most recent web creation, is in commemoration of our country’s experience a century ago at Vimy Ridge, April 1917. With new modules being released monthly and contests available to Canadian youth, the project is designed to take high school students, cadets, scouts, or any interested members of the public, on an exploration of Canada’s World War I military history that includes:


•The causes and aftermath of the First World War, one of the most lethal wars in history.
•Canadian engagements during the First World War, culminating in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
•Interesting personalities and technological advancements that played key roles in Canada’s First World War experience.
•How Canadian participation in the First World War has crafted and shaped ideas of nationhood that we, as Canadians, experience today.


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Online Education: Vimy Ridge

 Online Education: Llandovery Castle

In our introductory foray into online educational activities, Valour Canada presents the case of HMHS Llandovery Castle. The sinking of this hospital ship operated by the Canadian Army by a German submarine during the First World War, and the events that followed, bring into question topics of nationalism, military strategy, and ethics, and perhaps most compellingly, the possibility for justice in wartime. While this case is an historical one, these issues are as timely now as ever!


In this educational task, Valour Canada invites students and teachers to explore the ideas through multiple perspectives, providing access to engaging, multimedia resources with varying entry points and activities aimed at a breadth of learners.


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Online Education: Llandovery Castle

 2016-2017 high school program

Are you a passionate Social Studies or Military History educator in the Calgary or Edmonton area interested in digging deeply into the topics of internationalism, nationalism, and democratic citizenship with your students? Do you enjoy engaging in discussions about the Canadian military role in the world? Would you relish the idea of bringing your students together with others from around the city for intellectual interaction and interesting activities?

If so, please consider joining us for:

*Teacher professional development - TBD

*Thorough, engaging, and complimentary resources for your classroom to be used in the semester

*A student field trip

Last semester’s question: What should the Canadian military action be against Islamic State (IS)? Students decided upon appropriate intervention based on ONE of the following foreign policy goals (as criteria):

*Peace in the Region (the future of Syria, Iraq, the Middle East broadly, Shia-Sunni tensions)
*Canadian Security (threat posed by IS, retaliation/retribution, “home-grown” terrorism, “radicalized” Canadians, etc.)
*Humanitarianism (crimes against the Yasidi people, the Kurdish people, the fate of refugees, etc.)
*Economic considerations (costs incurred by Canada, i.e. in military expenditures, losses or gains in trade with Iraq and Syria, human casualties, refugees, immigration, foreign aid to the region, costs associated with attacks on home soil, potential future costs, etc.


If you are interested in hearing more about these exciting opportunities, please contact our Education Coordinator, Aaron Curtis, at

2016-2017 high school program