VALOUR CANADA was originally incorporated as Calgary Military Museums Society, a not-for profit, charitable organization under the Canadian Corporations Act on March 13th 1987. CMMS raised the funds to build the Museum of the Regiments (MOR), which opened in l991, and to complete the major renovation and renaming to Calgary Military Museums in 2006. In 2010, the Society ended its relationship with CMM and in 2012 rebranded to VALOUR CANADA.


To be Canada's foremost preferred military history and heritage site.


To connect Canadians to their military heritage.

Our Vision

We imagine a time where Canadian citizens – inspired to take an interest in their history and to create a connection with their past – have educated themselves on what it means to be a Canadian; by embracing the interests, values and beliefs that we as a nation hold dear, by growing a deep respect, admiration and appreciation for the institutions that define our country within the world, and by remembering and honouring the individuals who have served and sacrificed so much in preserving and protecting it.

We imagine a generation where all Canadians have the knowledge to be proud of their past and use this knowledge to confidently and courageously create a better world for themselves and for generations to come. This future starts with us, and our willingness to devote ourselves to creating this opportunity for the young citizens of our country.

Directors & Officers

Mr. Mike Black
Mr. Stuart Crichton
Mr. Steve Dunn
Mr. Murray A. Harris
Mr. Rod Hoffmeister
Ms. Teri McKinnon
Mr. Sean McMaster  
Ms. Jean Merriman
Mr. James Morton
Mr. Brad Pierce
Dr. Greg Stone
LCol (Ret'd) Richard Williams
Cdr (Ret'd) Gordon Wong, PCJ


Cdr (Ret'd) Gordon Wong, PCJ

in memory

Robert L Pierce O.C. Q.C. L.L.B. (1929-2012)

On March 17, 2012, Robert passed away after a brief illness. He served on the Board of Directors since 1996 and was a true and passionate Canadian. It was our honour to know him. A celebration of his life was held March 22, 2012. He is missed.

Our Intention is to educate Canadian Citizens so that they:

  • Appreciate the role of our military in protecting Canadian interests, values and beliefs.
  • Understand the role our military has had in shaping our country and the world.
  • Are inspired to be engaged and participatory citizens of Canada.
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